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About PIBA

PIBA Program Committee

PIBA operates through a single Program Committee that meets quarterly to focus on topics of vital interest. Participants in PIBA are more effective in their communities because PIBA provides them with the following:

Access to regulators
Focus on timely topics
Tools to solve pressing problems
Networking between businesses and community

  1. Liaison with all federal, state, and local regulatory agencies responsible for environmental health and safety regulatory oversight. Provide information to help members implement and comply with applicable regulations.

  2. Promote sound health and safety principles with the objective of providing a safe working environment, reducing injuries and improving employee morale and performance.

  3. Provide information concerning current legislation and technology affecting industrial waste management and environmental issues. Engage government and public officials in active dialog on issues of concern.

  4. Focus on operational challenges, including buildings and grounds, communications systems, security, energy management and utilities.

The work of the Committee is to identify and present events that focus on best practices for our members in the EHS realm.

While it's not our main focus, a smaller amount of our events will focus on sustainable business practices, zero emissions, community and social responsibility, and the response of the financial marketplace to these issues.

Pacific Industrial and Business Association